Baby Bottle Soap-Dapple Dish Soap The Number One Choice

We all know that babies require a lot of stuff. Pacifiers, bottles, and baby spoons are just to name a few important items. However, all of these items should be clean and germ-free if you are using the right baby bottle soap.

Simply putting these items in a dishwasher won’t guarantee that they will come out clean and germ-free because dishwashers were designed specifically for cleaning dishes and not the interior of a baby bottle or pacifier.

But what if I told you that there is a baby bottle soap that can actually clean and leave your baby bottles germ-free? Would you believe me?

Guess what? There is one and in this article you will know all about it.

Baby Bottle Soap-Dapple Dish Soap The Number One Choice

If you check out Amazon, you will almost only find good reviews for this baby bottle soap!

Dapple dish soap was designed with green technology in which it targets milk residue and uses baking soda to combat nasty smells.

Dapple dish soap is also made with natural formula that binds calcium and other minerals together found in baby formula and milk. This makes for easy cleaning because all you have to do is rinse away the dry milk with a nibble/baby bottle brush, and you will notice just how clean your baby bottle looks after using Dapple dish soap.

Dapple dish soap is available in refill pouch and travel size. You can choose between different smells, like sweet lavender, apple peer or mango melon. Bonus: Leaves normal dishes sparkling too.

Check out the price of Dapple dish soap today by clicking the link below:

Best way to clean a baby bottle

Let’s face it: sometimes, even though you were scrubbing the bottles a lot they still can look a bit gray and dingy. So, just how do you restore them to their original clear and shiny look?

Here are 3 tips for cleaning your baby bottles.

  1. Take the baby bottles completely apart -> This is extremely important because you are going to want to expose the areas where bacteria and germs often accumulate at.
  2. Rinse thoroughly. -> A simple rinse can go a long way to eliminating odors and crusty milk or formula residue. Once the milk dries and hardens, it gets a bit difficult to clean later.
  3.  Buy a bottle and nipple brush. ->Make sure to use a nipple and baby bottle brush to clean the interior of the bottle/ nipple parts as a normal sponge or cloth won’t clean as effective.

PRO-TIP: Put the washed bottle in the freezer: Place your baby bottle in the freezer overnight, and the cold temperatures will freeze the bacteria and remove odors.

How to clean more than one baby bottle

  1.  Find a clean sink and pour one spoon of your prefered baby dish soap in. Make sure you have something to plug the sink to keep the water from draining out.
  2.  Fill half the sink with warm to hot water. Ensure that the water is suitable for you.
  3. Take the baby bottle completely apart and put all of the pieces in the water.
  4. Let it sit for about 8-10 minutes.
  5. Use your bottle and nipple brush to gently scrub away any milk residue.
  6. Rinse and dry all of the parts.




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