Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair- Top 4 Picks Under $150

Over the years, the human-animal bond is increasingly becoming stronger. Since the beginning of time, man depended on pets to hunt, protect, and guide us to new land.

However, things has changed and most of us have pets living in our home for companionship. But as much as we love our pets, one of the many challenges that any pet owner face is finding the best cordless vacuum for pet hair.

But how do you get to choose the best cordless vacuum for pet hair in the market that will give you the result you are looking for?

What is the best cordless vacuum for pet hair?

With a cordless vacuum, you do not have to stop and unplug when cleaning your home. These vacuums are the best alternative to the upright model since you can clean those hard to reach places easily. Cordless vacuums are great for those pet owners who are looking for a quick clean and most of them come with various types of tools and handheld cleaners that are detachable. There are 2 types of cordless vacuums;

  • Stick vacuums– Looking for a corded vacuum to clean with for upkeep cleaning and vacuum cleaning? Then this is the best option for you.
  • Handheld vacuums– This is the ideal choice for a pet owner who hates lugging around the bulky corded upright vacuums.

What to consider when buying a cordless vacuum

The vacuum market has always provided a variety of choices for the buyers to choice from. Sometimes getting to choose the best cordless cleaner can be difficult from the various choices in the market and hence it is good to consider the following factors.

  • Check for the runtime of the vacuum and the longer the runtime the better it is.
  • Check the capacity of the dirt cup and find dirt cup which is bigger as it will fit more pet hair.
  • You should also consider the weight of the vacuum and a light weight vacuum is always preferred as it is easier to handle it.
  • Look if the vacuum has additional attachment such as motorized brush roll this makes cleaning of pet hair more effective.
  • The effectiveness of the vacuum is also crucial as pets do not only shed their fur hence an effective filtrate vacuum will remove all unhealthy particulate.

Although with the above factors you can be able to choose the best cordless vacuum for pet hair, this sometimes can be time consuming and hectic and hence we have compiled you a list of the top 4 best cordless vacuum for pet hair that you should consider trying out.

Shark cordless vacuum

Are you in search of a cordless vacuum that will give you the desired result within minutes? The Shark cordless vacuum is the ideal choice for you.  With this cordless vacuum, you do not need to worry about Its weight has its lightweight making it easier for you during the cleaning process. Additionally, it comes with an attached motorized brush, crevice tool and brush tool increasing its performance.


  • Great performance
  • good runtime
  • Its bagless and has a washable dirt cup
  • It is very easy to use.
  • Very affordable


  • Has a short peak performance per charge.


Bissell pet hair vacuum

With this powerful suction vacuum, you get to clean wherever your pet goes easily. This is an upholstery tool that is able to clean both surfaces and furniture’s that are soft and this vacuum attract more hair in the dirt cup. Moreover, this cordless vacuum includes a filtration system with dual-action making the cleaning of pet hair more effective. This is an ideal vacuum cleaner for smaller cleanup and it is very reliable.


  • Has good runtime
  • Great performance and very reliable.
  • Its lightweight.
  • It is very affordable.
  • Has a dual-action filtration system.
  • Has a washable dirt cup.


  • This vacuum has no charging station and hence you will be forced to plug it in during use.


Holife handheld vacuum

The Holife cordless vacuum has a multi-layer filter and it is the reason why most people love it has it shows great performance due to the motor that generates powerful suction. If you are looking for a vacuum for daily quick pick up, then you should consider owning the Holife cordless vacuum. For an added versatility, this vacuum comes with 3 attachments such as the liquid nozzle, a dusting brush and a crevice tool.


  • Has three attachments increasing its performance.
  • Has a washable fabric filter and dirt cup.
  • Has a longer runtime.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Has a big dirt cup


  • Has low suction power.
  • Has a liquid suction ability that is limited and which will not be helpful when cleaning large volumes of spills.


Shark ION handheld vacuum

Are you searching for a compact and practical dustbuster and with great suction? Do not search further the Shark ION vacuum is the perfect option for you. With this lightweight vacuum, you will get to clean those areas that may seem impossible to reach. With the filtration technology that is incorporated in this vacuum you do not need to get your hands dirty and you are sure to capture large debris and any dust.


  • It is very light as compared to all others.
  • Has a washable dirt cup and a washable fabric filter?
  • Has a good runtime.
  • Has additional attachment
  • This is a multi-use vacuum


  • It is a bit expensive
  • It has a small dirt cup

There are different kinds of vacuum that you can use to clean your pet’s hair such as handheld vacuums but the challenge with these vacuums is that most of them do not have the attachments tools that are very essential and that they do not have powerful suction. With a cordless vacuum, you will get very high powerful performing vacuums that are reliable and very easy to use. If you have been searching for cordless vacuums with no avail, then the above listed vacuums will help to clean your pet’s hair effectively.

Check out some of the other best cordless vacuum for pet hair Amazon has to offer below:

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