Broom and Dustpan: O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom

One common problem that most people face while sweeping the floor is reaching the most hidden corners, where dirt and other substances hide. No matter how much the broom turns, it just isn’t able to clean such places. But luckily enough, there is a wide range of angled brooms you can choose from to effectively clean up the mess in hidden corners and cabinets. Keep in mind that his is a broom and dustpan review.

However, the problem comes when you are looking for a broom and dustpan set is to help you get to those pesky hard-to-reach places.

There are actually a number of manufacturers that produce angle brooms and considering that all of them are in the same business, they will use any appealing information on posters and websites to attract potential buyers. Most of this information is, however, not genuine.

For you to come up with the best angle broom and dustpan set, you need to take the time to keenly look at each description to ensure that you get value from of the product you purchase. Out of all the broom and dustpan sets that can effectively clean around corners and hidden parts, O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom with Dustpan is the best option.

O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom and Dustpan Set

O-Cedar’s angle broom is made with double bristle technology to make your cleaning work much easier than never before. The broom is in a position to easily get rid of dirt in hard-to-reach areas to ensure that your home is clean and dust free. The head design is made with modern technology to get rid of dirt along walls, corners, and beneath cabinets.

The dustpan further helps in collecting more dust. If you have pets around the home, this angle broom and dustpan set can be the best solution for your sweeping needs. Considering that pet hair can be very stubborn and always finds its way behind places that even a vacuum cleaner can’t access, the broom and dustpan can effectively reach these places to get rid of all the pet fur.

The broom has two bristle types:

  • Black bristles – Sweeps large pieces of dirt and other substances
  • Grey bristles – Captures pet fur and small dust particles

With this product, you can easily sweep beneath furniture without necessarily moving them around. Unlike many other broom types, the material used in O-Cedar brooms does not rot, making it great for both indoor and outdoor sweeping. It can easily be washed in case it gets in contact with grease and other petroleum products.

With other products, you can easily find yourself forcing dirt into the dustpan more than ten times with little success. But with O-Cedar angler angle broom with dustpan, all you need to get rid of this dust is a few sweeps.

The angular edges of the broom can easily remove cobwebs from ceilings and corners. As much as there are other brooms out there that look the same way as the O-Cedar Angler, no product can be compared to this broom and dustpan set in terms of performance.

Product Features

  • Double bristle technology to easily get rid of both small and larger dust particles, including pet hair
  • Wide mouth dustpan that can easily lock into the handle of the broom for easier storage
  • The dustpan has a rubber lip to ensure that dirt seeps into the pan
  • Eco-friendly bristles made of recycled plastic materials
  • Clean multiple surfaces including tiled floors


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Material does not rust
  • Leaves the floor clean and tidy
  • Washable
  • Extended bristle angles for effective cleaning
  • Durable
  • Light in weight


  • Cleaning the bristles can be quite challenging

Why Use O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom and Dustpan Set?


O-Cedar broom and dustpan set comes with a rubber head for effective cleaning. The bristles are also sturdy and do not wear out, lose shape or hold dirt. The rubber bristles form a solid wall to effectively sweep dust and clear all messes.


When a broom is coated with dirt due to frequent use, the only solution will be to probably throw it away. But this is never the case with O-Cedar brooms. Since it forms a solid wall when collecting dirt, it is not in a position to hold sticky substances in the bristles.

Cleans multiple surfaces

There are several substances that you may want your broom to get rid of, including pet hair, kitchen messes, and dirt stuck in corners. O-Cedar broom and dustpan set can easily clean all surfaces and is also convenient for outdoor use.

Additional Tip: How to sweep your floor

The following procedure will be helpful to effectively sweep different floor surfaces using O-Cedar broom and dustpan set:

  • Use a broom that is fit for your floor type. If you have smooth floors, synthetic brooms can be helpful. Rougher floors, on the other hand, will require brooms made from natural fiber.
  • Find a starting place of your choice.
  • Start the sweeping process. Sweeping is actually not a difficult task. All you need to do is move the broom back and forth, ensuring you collect both small and large particles along the way.
  • Pile the dust in one area and use the pan to collect the dirt.
  • Wash your hands with clean water after use.


Sweeping your floor can be quite challenging especially when you want to get rid of dirt from those hard-to-reach areas. O-Cedar Angler Angle broom and dustpan set is effective in cleaning all surfaces, removing dirt from hidden surfaces, and maintaining a clean and welcoming home!

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