It could get really tiring and frustrating carrying your tools in your electrician tool bag if they are not properly arranged and organized. What about space? Do you need more space for your tools? The kind of space that grants you proper arrangement and easy access to your tools while at work? I’m pretty sure your answer is yes.

You might want to consider a few things before you purchase your next electrician tool bag. For example, size, space, weight, durability, and easy accessibility.

Taking the above-listed factors into consideration, we hope this review of our top 4 electrician tool bags under $90 will help you to find the best one the fit your everyday needs.


Priced at $39.99, the Jackson Palmer Tool carrier was developed with tool organization, extra features and of course durability in mind. The reviews and feedback from users of electrician tool bags were well considered during the design process of this bag.

It’s a pretty large bag, it’s main compartment has dimensions of 11” (L) x 11” (W) x 10.5” (H) allowing it to conveniently hold a lot of tools. Based on customer’s request, the Jackson Palmer Tool Carrier bag was designed with extra features such as additional large pockets, webbing, stronger mesh, elastic loops, and hook loops. It weighs approximately 6.95 Pounds.

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The Jackson Palmer Tool Carrier has so many extra compartments, giving you great options for proper tool storage. It’s also water resistant. This increases it’s lasting power.


Users of this bag have complained that the top of the bag and it’s pockets are not as sturdy as they would like. It flops over making it hard to quickly remove or place back your tools.


This electrician tool bag has a box-shaped design and a spacious multi-compartment parts tray measuring at 8.75” x 6.5” inches. It’s also designed with 22 extra tool pockets and a nicely padded shoulder strap, to help with easy carrying. It’s elastic loops do a whole lot of good with carrying larger tools more conveniently.

This $49.93 bag weighs approximately 4.80 Pounds and has size dimensions of 10 x 11 x 19

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The box shape design of this bag gives it great balance and sturdiness on the floor. There’s no chance of it tipping over or spilling out your tools.


Customers have complained about the new design which places the plastic container on the side of the bag as opposed to the previous design which had the container in a hidden under section of the bag. This doesn’t allow the user to fully utilize the pockets on the side where the plastic container is now placed.


As far as handling is concerned, the DEWALT electrician tool bag ranks among the best. It’s non-slip padded shoulder strap and non-slip padded handles give you a great carrying experience.

It has a nice open top design which allows you to have good visibility and accessibility to your tools. The 6” inch x 11” inch parts tray is great for small connectors and it’s large center cavity provides adequate storage space for meters and medium-sized tools.

The DEWALT DG5582 bag is fitted with as many as 23 pockets, sleeves, and slots which allows you properly organize your tools and place each of them where they are supposed to be. It’s also a box-shaped bag so it always stands upright.

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With a starting price of $53.99, this bag weighs 4.8 Pounds is 10.5” inches x 8.5” inches x 10” inches in size dimensions.


This bag is easy to carry, thanks to it’s non-slip padded straps and handles. It’s open top also allows you access and view your tools with ease.


The DEWALT DG5582 is not as durable as it’s predecessors, especially when filled up with heavy tools.


If you’re a busy contractor who’s always on the go with his electrician tool bag, then the CLC Custom Leathercraft 1530 bag is for you. It’s remarkable toughness sets it apart from the rest. It’s built with rugged polyester fabric that ensures it lasts long and it has a rectangular box-shaped feature which keeps it standing firm and an open top that lets you go in and out of the bag with the greatest of ease.

Coming with an impressive 43 pockets, the CLC Custom Leathercraft tool carrier gives you diverse storage options and ample space for your tools. It also has a plastic tray for keeping smaller tools and a compartment to tuck your mobile phone away as you work.

This product has one removable and one stationary window pocket, for easy view of pocket content. It’s perfect for carrying regular tools like pliers, testers, screwdrivers, drill bits, and wire strippers.

It weighs 3 Pounds and it’s dimensions are 12” x 23” x 15” inches

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This electrician tool bag is great for it’s toughness, thanks to it’s rugged polyester fabric. It’s a bag that will last long.


The parts organizer tray of the Custom Leathercraft 1530 tool carrier bag is pretty small and can’t hold as much as other bags. Same can be said of it’s small sized pockets and compartments.

We do hope that each or all of the 4 bags we reviewed above possess some or all of the qualities and characteristics you are searching for in an electrician tool bag. We also hope that you’ve taken the features, pros & cons of each reviewed bag into proper critical consideration and your decision on which electrician tool bag to purchase will be guided by the information our reviews provide.

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