Rid X Septic System Treatment Review

Septic System Treatment When the places we live in are prone to septic system breakdowns, it is not only harmful to the environment but can also pose great dangers to the inhabitants. This is why it is very important to come up with measures to prevent septic system back up. Among the ways to achieve this using an effective Septic System Treatment  that can actively work to reduce septic backup and enable the free flow of waste products.

But with so many brands in the market, finding the best product to get rid of septic system problems can be a time consuming and tiresome task. After conducting multiple septic cleaner reviews and tests, we have discovered a product that beats the competition. In our opinion, the most effective product that can actively work on septic tanks and pipes to achieve satisfactory results is Rid X Septic System Treatment.


Why Is Rid X Septic System Treatmeant So Highly Recommended?

Rid X Septic System Treatment contains 100% natural enzymes and bacteria that have been proven to break down household wastes. This means that using Rid X septic cleaner will help restore a balance of effective enzymes that facilitate the free flow of your septic system.

Rid X has three active enzymes:

  • Cellulase – Efficient in breaking down paper, food, and other vegetable products
  • Lipase – Breaks down grease, fats, and oils in the septic system
  • Amylase – Breaks down starch in the septic system

The most positive thing with Rid X is that it starts functioning immediately it is introduced into the system. Only a single application is enough to facilitate the free flow of the septic system.  Rid X helps maintain a proper balance of enzymes and bacteria in the septic pipes for effective functioning.


  • Helps break down wastes to prevent septic backups
  • No side effects on septic tank and pipes
  • Dual-formula that makes it powerful in cleaning septic waste
  • Contains 100% natural bacteria that prevent buildup in septic tanks
  • Contains enzymes which help in digestion of household wastes
  • Maintains a free flow of the septic system


  • Easy to use
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Is gentle on pipes
  • Breaks down proteins and grease


  • Does not unclog septic lines or pipes that are already blocked

Why Use Rid X Septic System Treatment ?

 Helps prevent septic backups

No one likes the scene of an overflowing septic system. When Rid X Septic System Treatment is incorporated into the system, it can help get rid of this disgusting sight by breaking down the household waste for easy flow of septic waste in the pipes.

Effectively breaks down septic tank waste

Rid X has natural bacteria and cellulase enzymes that effectively work to break down grease, toilet paper and other organic materials for the proper functioning of the septic tank.

Septic tank maintenance

To prevent some sort of backup in the septic system, the septic tank and pipes have to stay in great shape. Grease accumulation causes scum to form on the septic pipes and this can lead to blockages. When Rid X is applied in the toilet bowl on a monthly basis, it helps attack grease within the septic system.

 Safe to use

You obviously would want a safe and effective solution to be applied to your bathroom. Rid X contains safe yet effective bacteria and viruses that have proved to increase the lifespan of septic tanks. The septic cleaner does not contain harsh chemicals as ingredients and it also gentle on hoses, pipes, plumbing, and valves.

50 years of proven quality

Rid X has been trusted for more than 50 years, and with just a single flush, you can help your septic system flow freely with no cases of leakage or breakages.

Cheap and easy to use

Everyone would like to use a product that is pocket-friendly and easy to use at the same time. Rid X offers the necessary affordability and user-friendliness that any septic cleaner should provide.

Safe on pipes

All bacteria contained in Rid X have been proven to be 100% effective and cannot compromise your septic system. You can, therefore, use it with total confidence and assurance that no harm whatsoever will come to your system.

 How Often Should You Use Rid X On Your Septic Tank And Pipes?

If used monthly as a regular treatment on septic systems, Rid X will guarantee a smooth flowing and clean septic system. It helps maintain and prolong the life of your septic system.

How To Effectively Use Rid X to Achieve Desired Results

Rid X septic cleaner is very easy and convenient to use. The first thing you need to do is shake the box of powder well before use. Then pour the powder into the toilet bowl and flush. This is enough to prevent any backup without too much waiting, cleaning, and mixing of different products. To achieve desired results, Rid X should be used on a monthly basis.