Spin Mop Review: O-Cedar Spin Mop and Bucket

There is no doubt that mopping is among the most demanding household jobs we have. Besides taking too much time, the whole process can get a bit dirty and disgusting, especially when you have to deal with floor spills. On top of that, using poor mopping materials can even make the situation more complicated. Have you ever though about purchasing a spin mop?

But to ensure that the mopping process is fun and takes as little time as possible, it is important to use the best mopping materials available in the market. This is also the only way you can be guaranteed of quality services as far as floor mopping is concerned.

Considering that all top companies that manufacture floor mopping materials can give a million reasons why they offer the best materials, selecting the most effective spin mop and bucket system can be overwhelming. But this should not worry you.

Most household users and cleaning professionals recommend O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket Floor Cleaning System due to many positive reasons.

Since floor cleaning can be a time-consuming task, the best cleaning materials should be able to achieve quality cleaning with as little effort as possible. It should also be effective on all types of floor surfaces, with minimal bending or wetting of your hands. This is exactly what the spin mop and bucket system has to offer.

O-Cedar spin mop and bucket system come with a mop head that is triangular in shape. This makes it really easy to clean those areas that are hard to reach. You are also able to regulate how much water you use when cleaning your floors. What’s more, drying the floor has never been this easy. O-Cedar spin mop and bucket system can also save more than 15% of supplies in household, businesses, and industries.

Product Features

  • The bucket design comes with an inbuilt wringer so that you don’t have to use your hands.
  • The mop has microfibers that provide a deep clean to easily remove and absorb grime and household dirt.
  • Foot pedal design which activates spin wringing. This helps control the amount of moisture on the floor.
  • Can be used on multiple


  • Has an excellent splash guard which minimizes messes.
  • Absorbs plenty of water.
  • Comes with a high-capacity bucket.
  • The product is affordable.
  • The head can be replaced.
  • Durable mop.


  • Too much pressure placed on the mop can damage floors.

Why Use O-Cedar Spin Mop and Bucket?

Excellent splash guard

The splash guard is in a position to cause a smaller mess than many cleaning products on the market. You, therefore, do not need to worry about splashing filthy water all over or having dirt strings when cleaning the floor.

Effective for users with lower back problems

If you experience problems with lower back flexibility, O-Cedar spin mop and bucket cleaning system can be the best choice. You can easily lean forward to squeeze dirty water in the mop bucket without any back pain.

Water absorption

Considering that the mop head is able to absorb plenty of water at a time, it can be effective for cleaning large floor spills. The spin mop and bucket system also has a high-capacity bucket.


Compared to other cleaning products, O-Cedar is not only effective but affordable too.

Additional Tip: How to Clean Floors Using O-Cedar Spin Mop and Bucket

One advantage that comes with O-Cedar is that it helps simplify the floor cleaning process. Here is a simple procedure to help in both mopping and maintaining a clean, shiny floor:

For Floor Mopping:

  • Ensure that the bucket is filled with water (preferably warm) and a cleaner of your choice.
  • The water should not go beyond the bucket fill line.
  • Place the mop head in the bucket while ensuring that the handle maintains an upright position.
  • Step on the pedal to enable spinning.
  • You can then remove the mop head from the cleaning bucket and start the floor cleaning process.
  • When the mop head gets dirty, clean it in the bucket.

For Floor Dusting:

The microfiber head in the O-Cedar spin mop is in a position to offer all-round cleaning power. By running a dry mop head over hard floor surfaces, you will always maintain a clean and shiny floor. The spin head is also able to access hard to reach areas including beneath furniture. If the head is filled with dust, you can clean it in the bucket to make it more efficient.

Washing the Mop Head

After use for a period of time, the mop head can get too dirty for the bucket to clean. The good thing is that the head can be machine-washed. All you need to do is maintain the handle in an upright position to remove the mop head. You can then clean it in a washing machine to maintain a clean and original mop head.

Important consideration:

  • Do not use bleach or fabric softeners when cleaning the mop.


Cleaning floors can be a difficult and challenging task. The best cleaning materials should not only simplify the whole process but make it enjoyable too. O-Cedar spin mop and bucket is effective in floor cleaning and you will not need to worry about getting all messed up with dirty water. It can especially be useful for people who have back problems since you can still maintain an upright position while using the mop. Why not try out the O-Cedar spin mop and bucket package and enjoy an affordable and versatile floor cleaner?

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