All-purpose cleaners are mainly used in your home to clean, disinfect, and fight against nasty gems that can spread throughout your living space . The best all-purpose cleaners are quite effective in use and are the sole reason why we have put together this awesome review for you. They can clean a wide variety of surfaces and can be terrible if used on other surfaces. However, one thing you can count on is the fact that after reading this review you will be able to choose the right all purpose cleaner that will fit your cleaning needs!

The deal breaker here is that you should ensure that you know about the types and features of all-purpose cleaners before you select one to use. This would eventually prevent you from making the wrong purchase and wasting money, time and effort.

What are the best All Purpose Cleaners?

All-purpose cleaners are cleaning agents in a liquid form that are used to clean tough stains and eliminate germs from surfaces. They are either used directly or diluted before use; depending on the brand and purpose. To have a good grasp of the topic, take a look at a few products:

Comparison of the Best All-Purpose Cleaners At-A-Glance:

Product NameImagesCompanyCustomer RatingMain FeaturesPrice
Formula 409 All Purpose Cleaner Spray BottleFormula 4094.5Amazing Cleaner Spray that leaves Lemon scent.
Kills the food related bacteria. Doesn’t contain ammonia or even bleach.
Check Price
Clorox Clean-Up Bleach Cleaner Spray Value Pack Clorox4.2Designed to effectively clean for the kitchen sinks, refrigerators, counters, tubs, toilets, appliances, fiberglass, showers, floors, and tiles. Kills over 99% of the germs. Check Price
Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner TriggerLysol4.8Superb all-purpose cleaner to clean daily tough messes. Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.
Cuts hard grease and eliminates soap scum.
Check Price
Simple Green All-Purpose CleanerSimple Green4.2Removes grease, carbon deposits, oil, smoke, soot, pet stains, dirt, coffee and juice stains, crayon, lipstick, and inks. Perfect for outdoor and indoor household surface.Check Price
Better Life Natural All-Purpose CleanerBetter Life4.0Safe for all surfaces including countertops, appliances, toilets, baseboards, walls, tables, floors, etc. Cuts through grime, grease, hard water stains, food stains and soap scum.Check Price
Cleanwell Botanical Disinfectant All-Purpose CleanerCleanwell4.0Leaves fresh lemon scent. Safe for the kids. Kills naturally 99.9% of germs. Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor surfaces.Check Price
Truce All-Purpose CleanerTruce4.5Superbly clean your home plus office. Safe for skin, pets, and the environment. Fragrance-Free, Preservative-Free, Dye-Free, Biodegradable and Petroleum-Free.Check Price

Reviews of the Best All-Purpose Cleaners:

  1. Formula 409 All Purpose Cleaner Spray Bottle:

The formula 409 all-purpose cleaner spray is one of the top all-purpose cleaners on the market. One can say it is among the best all-purpose cleaners. Take a look at the 22 fl.oz bottle, and you would realize that what you see is not deceiving.

It has a beautiful design, with a large 409 logo that is surrounded by a beautiful yellow background. Taking a look inside the content of the bottle, you would see the phosphorus-free cleaner that leaves a streak-free shine whenever you clean. Be sure to watch out for the fresh lemon scent because if you love the scent of lemons, then this is a must have for you.

Even in the absence of ammonia and bleach, the formula 409 all-purpose cleaner spray kills a lot of foodborne bacteria on most forms of surfaces; soft, hard, porous, non-porous, etc.


  • Ammonia, phosphorus, and bleach free
  • Smart tube tech that sprays to the last drop
  • Kills most foodborne bacteria
  • Brings a bright shine to cleaned surfaces
  • Fresh lemon scent
  • Affordable


  • Smells caustic
  • Causes allergic reactions for some people
  1. Clorox Clean-Up Bleach Cleaner Spray:

Clorox clean-up bleach cleaner spray is designed to clean quickly and effectively. It disinfects and deodorizes most surfaces it is used to clean. It can clean both indoor and outdoor surfaces effectively, and one can dub it as one of the best all-purpose cleaners on the market.

You should note that the Clorox clean-up contains bleach, and this might be a turnoff for some users. For those that are indifferent, bleach enables you to clean more effectively and faster. The Clorox clean-up can clean tough kitchen and bathroom stains.

Once it comes in contact with grease and other forms of dirt, it can kill up to 99% of all the germs present. It is also used on hard surfaces, non-porous surfaces and every other surface you can find in your home.


  • Smart tube technology to ensure usage of every drop.
  • Quick and effective cleaning
  • Kills up to 99% of germs
  • Suitable for a large range of surfaces
  • The easy-to-use trigger enables tight-corner spraying
  • Fresh smell


  • Slightly expensive
  • Handle with care to prevent bleach from leaking out
  1. Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner Trigger:

The Lysol all-purpose cleaner is one of the best all-purpose cleaners you can find in the market. It is quite at the upper end of the price range, and is a very good cleaner for extremely tough messes.

It kills up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria found on the surface cleaned. If used as directed, there is a higher probability of getting better results than just using it as you will. One special advantage of this Lysol all-purpose cleaner is that it cuts through grease with ease.

Finally, those that hate soap scum should have a look here, because the Lysol all-purpose cleaner is known to remove soap scum while in use.


  • Comes in a pack of three
  • Easily cuts through and cleans grease
  • Kills about 99.9% of virus and bacteria at a time
  • A very good choice for tough messes
  • Eliminates soap scum
  • Pack of three makes it cheaper to purchase


  • You cannot purchase a single one at a time
  • Purchasing the pack might be expensive for some
    1. Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner:

There are a lot of cleaners out there today, but only a few can be regarded as ideal for all-purpose cleaning. The Simple green all-purpose cleaner is one of those, and one can dub it as among the best all-purpose cleaners.

It is cheap and known for its original sassafras fragrance that scents powerfully and fresh on the surface cleaned. One of the special advantages of using the Simple green all-purpose cleaner is that it is a great alternative to toxic cleaners, bleaches, and solvents.

This does not mean that the bleaches and toxic cleaners are ineffective. It just means that the Simple green all-purpose cleaner is very powerful enough to remove the toughest stains such as oil, grease, carbon deposits, soot, smoke, pet stains, dirt, juice and coffee stains, inks, lipstick stains, etc.


      • Very affordable
      • Original sassafras scent
      • A very good alternative to toxic cleaners
      • Removes a large variety of stains
      • Ideal on any household appliance and furniture


      • Leaves behind a film on the cleaned surface
      • Not a great replacement for bleachers
      1. Better Life Natural All-Purpose Cleaner:

The Better life natural all-purpose cleaner is a very safe and cheap cleaner for your home. It works well on a large variety of surfaces. These surfaces include countertops, toilets, appliances, walls, baseboards, tables, sporting equipment, toys, etc. the possibilities are endless.

No matter what you have to clean at home, the Simple green all-purpose cleaner has got you covered. One can assume that it is one of the best all-purpose cleaners on the market. However, a lot has to be considered before we can make that conclusion. Its cleaning action is superb, as it cuts through grease easily.

It is also good for cleaning hard water stains, grime, soap scum, and food stains. Another great thing about it is that it is free of alkylphenol, surfactants, VOCs, and petroleum; substances that are critical to cleaning but toxic to health.


      • Safe on health
      • Free of alkylphenol, surfactants, VOCs, and petroleum
      • Ideal for cleaning a vast range of surfaces in the home
      • Can serve as a laundry pre-spotter
      • No residue formed and no rinsing required


      • Scent can get excessive
      • 100% absence of residue not guaranteed
      1. Cleanwell Botanical Disinfectant All-Purpose Cleaner:

Only a few all-purpose cleaners contain disinfectants. The Cleanwell botanical disinfectant all-purpose cleaner; as the name implies, is one of those few. Considering its constituents, one can say that it is an organic cleaner due to its natural cleaning effects.

It kills about 99.9% of all germs present on the cleaned surface, and it does so naturally. Bacteria produce foul odors on non-porous surfaces, but the Cleanwell botanical disinfectant all-purpose cleaner does well to eliminate these odors.

This powerful cleaning ability makes it suitable to be dubbed as one of the best all-purpose cleaners on the market today. One great advantage of the Cleanwell botanical disinfectant all-purpose cleaner is that it is safe for kids. If you are an animal lover, please note that the cleaner is not tested on animals.


      • Disinfecting ability
      • Able to kill up to 99.9% of germs present on any surface
      • Safe for kids
      • Never tested on animals
      • Affordable
      • Removes foul odors caused by bacteria on non-porous surfaces


      • The smell can get really bad
      • Does not usually produce lemon scent as indicated
      1. Truce All-Purpose Cleaner:

A fairly affordable and great way to do some cleaning at home is by using the Truce all-purpose cleaner. It is affordable, costing about $11.99, and does it’s cleaning the natural way. It is arguably one of the best all-purpose cleaners in the market today.

It is hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, vegan, aromatherapeutic, non-GMO, dye-free, fragrance-free, preservative-free, biodegradable, petroleum-free, etc. there is no way to prove otherwise that the Truce all-purpose cleaner is all-natural.

It is made with essential oils and is free of phthalate and SLS. It is recyclable and also free of casein and paraben. Other toxic compounds such as PVC, CFC, NPE, and chlorine are completely absent, and it is safe in the grey water.


      • All-natural in cleaning
      • Hypoallergenic and safe
      • Free of toxic compounds such as PVC
      • Made with essential oils
      • Affordable
      • Made in the United States


      • Scent often seems chemical than natural
      • Some users might find its scent as odd for a cleaner

Why Use All-Purpose Cleaners?

There are many advantages to using all-purpose cleaners for your day to day cleaning at home. They are environmentally friendly; a lot of them do not contain toxic compounds as ingredients. A difference between regular cleaners and all-purpose cleaners is the effectiveness of all-purpose cleaners; they can kill up to 99.9% of germs on any surface. That’s why you can use all-purpose cleaners.

How Can You Select The Best All-Purpose Cleaners?

Despite being one of the best cleaners around, the all-purpose cleaners still have quality differences. Here is how to identify and select the best ones

Value: Not all expensive products are good. Check the features of whichever one suits you, and determine if it is something you can pay for, so you do not waste money and effort in cleaning in the long run.

Safety: This factory determines if you would visit the doctor after a few days of using the cleaner. Ensure that the cleaner you prefer does not contain harmful compounds to your health.

Versatility: The more surfaces the cleaner can handle, the better for you. It would be a very poor investment to purchase an ‘all-purpose’ cleaner that can only clean a handful of surfaces.

Tips for Using All-Purpose Cleaners Cleaning Agents Correctly

To get the best results from your all-purpose cleaner, you must use it correctly. Some products are toxic, while some are corrosive. Here are a few tips to using the cleaner correctly

      • Read the instructions properly
      • Use the required amount at a time
      • Use only on the stipulated surfaces
      • Keep out of reach of children
      • Do not use on rugs, unless stated otherwise

Finishing Touch

There are a lot of all-purpose cleaners in the market today, and each one has its peculiar features as well as downsides. The above tips and guides are given to ensure that you can select the best all-purpose cleaners.

However, we can agree that Lysol All-Purpose cleaner is the most recommendable all-purpose cleaner. It can kill 99% percent of viruses and bacteria. in addition, its cleaning effects are superb on on a variety of surfaces. Try to get one, and see for yourself.

Check out some of the best All-Purpose Cleaners on Amazon below.