Bathroom Tap Set Review & Buying Guide

In today’s modern homes, you will find that the conventional looking taps are being replaced with a more beautifully looking bathroom tap set. For most people, the bathroom isn’t just a place to keep our hygiene in check but it is also a place to expand our inner creativeness.

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom completely or you just want to change things up a bit then investing into a bathroom tap set can make a world of a difference on your bathroom appearance.

You may be asking yourself right now what is so special about a bathroom tap set.

Most bathroom tap sets are made with the best materials and is designed to offer a lot of qualities and functions that normal tap do not offer.

For example, you could use a lever to individually control the flow of both hot and cold water to include adjusting the temperature levels just the way you like it.

Why Should You Use a Bathroom Tap set?

Bathroom tap sets are quite versatile in their functions. There is no doubt that we would only want the best, and nothing less. There are several bathroom tap sets you can choose from, but picking one of the best bathroom tap set could be a challenging task because there are many ads, websites, and companies claiming that their bathroom tap set is the best among them all.

However, you do not need to go after the most expensive products in the market. If you know the reason for purchasing a bathroom tap then the next logical step is to read over the product features, quality, design, versatility and then you will be on your way to buying the right bathroom tap set.

Comparison of the Best Bathroom Tap Sets At-A-Glance

Product NameImageColorCustomer RatingMain FeaturesPrice
Greenspring Tall Spout Brass BathroomChrome3.8Manufactured from brass, Long lasting and high quality.
U.S standard size, Easy operation, Single lever design,
Lifetime Breakage Warranty.
View Price On Amazon
Eyekepper Nickel-Brushed Waterfall BathroomBrushed Nickel, Brushed Nickel3.8Brass construction makes sure quality and longevity, well-suited with one or three hole installation,
One lever handle is for easy water flow.
View Price On Amazon
Parlos 2 Handle Bathroom Sink FaucetBrushed Nickel-135984.3Sturdy construction plus a transitional design, Two lever handles are for easy water adjustments. Updated Push and Seal Drain included.View Price On Amazon

Reviews of the Best Bathroom Tap Sets:

1. Greenspring Tall Spout Brass Bathroom:

There are a lot of taps manufactured for bathroom use, but only a few are fancy looking and quality grade as the Greenspring spout bathroom faucet. It is dubbed as one of the best bathroom tap sets.


Brass Construction: It is made with brass to ensure it retains its quality and durability. If your bathroom tap set or faucet is prone to developing faults, then you have a reason to consider the Greenspring faucet. It comes with a water hose that has a 3/8 inches compressor connector; which is the standard size in the United States.

Design: The overall height of the whole system is about 12.4 inches, while the height of the spout is 9.13 inches. The length of the spout is about 4.9 inches, extending long enough to give you that extra length of splash you desire.

Single Lever Control: One of the special qualities of this bathroom tap set is its easy operation handle. All you need is a single lever that gives you access to all the controls. The lever allows you to control the flow and the temperature of the water.


  • Made with brass
  • Durable and great quality
  • Includes water hose with 3/8 female compression connector
  • Easy to operate with single lever
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The pointed tap can be a hazard

2. Eyekepper Nickel-Brushed Waterfall Bathroom:

For a little spice in your bathroom, you can add the Eyekepper nickel brushed waterfall faucet. It is made with the best quality materials and compatible with a 1 or 3-hole installation. These features are what make the Eyekepper nickel brushed waterfall faucet stand out.


Brass Construction: It is designed with a sturdy brass construction to ensure that you get the best quality but not at the detriment of durability and longevity.

Single Lever with Multiple Controls: The best part is that it only comes with one lever that gives you almost all the controls you can need. With that single control, you can determine the amount of water flowing and the temperature that suits you.

Aesthetics: The Eyekepper nickel brushed waterfall faucet is finished with brushed nickel to produce a lightly brushed and warm grey metallic look.

Miscellaneous: It is affordable, even with high design and aesthetics. Make sure to note that it does not come with a pop-up drain and a lift rod. You would have to get those two by yourself.


  • Works with 1 or 3-hole installation
  • Durable and aesthetic
  • Single level with multi controls
  • Made with quality materials
  • Ergonomic design


  • Does not come with all of the useful accessories
  • The pointed tap can be hazardous

3. Parlos 2 Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet:

If you are looking for a more traditional-looking tap set, then the Parlos 2 handle bathroom sink faucet is the one for you. It is designed to have a traditional look, and it comes with durable construction to back it up.


Durability: A lot of other traditional looking faucets are out there, but only a few can compete with the durability of the Parlos 2 handle bathroom sink faucet.

Corrosion Resistance: It has a brushed nickel finish that is resistant to corrosion and wears from everyday use.

cUPC Certified: One of the benefits of getting the Parlos 2 handle bathroom sink faucet is that it is certified to cUPC and NSF 61. It has an updated push and seal drain assembly, and it comes with a supply hose. The connection size is ½ NPSM and should fit your piping system easily.

Dual Controls: It also comes with two level handles to aid easy adjustment of water flow.


  • Traditional design
  • Wear resistant
  • cUPC and NSF 61 certified
  • two lever handles for ease in controls
  • durable and ergonomic


  • The possibility of leakage and rust if used improperly
  • Some materials are made with PVC

Advantages of the Bathroom Tap Sets

Having a bathroom tap set comes with a ton of advantages. Some tap sets have some accessories added, and these accessories come in handy.

One of the advantages is style. Using a stylish tap set makes your bathroom glow with beauty and stand out from other bathrooms.

These stylish tap sets make the controls look more sophisticated than you would imagine. This now brings us to versatility. Bathroom tap sets are known for serving more than one purpose. You can separate hot and cold water by just turning knobs.

Some bathroom tap sets come with handheld accessories that you can use while taking a shower, instead of using the mounted tap only.

The amount of control you get from using a tap set beats a normal household tap. The versatility gives room for multiple controls that can separate hot and cold water and even adjust the temperature of the water.

 This makes the tap set more convenient to use than most other taps. You have all the controls you need on a versatile tap, what else could you possibly want?

 Maybe you feel the price going to be high for all the fancy features it has, but investing in a bathroom tap set is going to be one of your best investment yet.

How Can You Select The Best Bathroom Tap Set?

You can select the best bathroom tap sets based on your preferences. However, you should have some specific features that you have put into consideration before you make any purchase.

  • Material Type: The material of the tap determines how long you would be able to use the tap. Materials like brass tend to last longer than others because it is resistant to corrosion and wear.
  • Water Pressure: Some people like mildly flowing water, while others like the feeling of a waterfall. This strongly depends on what you prefer, and it would directly affect the type of tap set you buy
  • Wall-Mounted Or Deck-Mounted: There are several types of tap sets, and they come in different forms. Some are mounted on the wall, while you mount others on a deck. A few come with handheld accessories, to ease comfort. This is a strong consideration to determine the type that suits you.
  • Design: for the style lovers out there, this is your section. Some bathroom tap sets might never fit into your bathroom because of the design of the bathroom. Find the bathroom tap set that fits your bathroom in color and design, because there are many designs out there that you can choose from.

Using Tips

  • If you need to use a bathroom tap set, it is better to use one that suits you properly. Those with kids should avoid the tap sets with pointy spouts as they can be hazardous.
  • The material type also plays a vital role in the tap set. Try to get one that is resistant to corrosion and wear, and you would find yourself with a long lasting tap set.


There is no doubt that you have read all of the guides and product reviews listed above. They are to guide you to ensure that you get the best one out of the best bathroom tap sets that suit you and your bathroom. You can check out the modern looking Greenspring spout bathroom faucet and the Eyekepper nickel brushed waterfall faucet.

 For a more traditional looking tap set, you should check out the Parlos 2 handle bathroom sink faucet. These tap sets come with their special features, and they are all recommendable for you. You should go through their features properly to determine the one that suits you.

You also can check out some of the other bathroom tap sets on Amazon below.

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