The Best Chimney Chase Covers to Buy

Chimney chase covers are very important in preventing water and snow from entering your chimney. It also keeps rodents, birds and small animals such as squirrels from making their homes down your chimney flue. Materials used to make chase covers for chimneys vary by manufacturer. The best chimney chase covers are the ones one made using metal.

Favorite metals for chase covers are stainless steel, copper or aluminium. Some manufacturers may use galvanized steel sheet but it rusts up rather fast. Painting galvanized steel sheet chase covers is an effective way to slow down rusting. Let us look at the best chase cover for chimney and the features of the best chase covers for chimney.

HY-C SCSS99 Single Flue Stainless Steel Chimney Chase Covers

The SCSS99 single flue stainless steel chase cover is a bolt on chimney cover. It measures 9×9 inches at the base and fits outside your chimney’s clay flue very well. This chimney chase cover has scalloped corners on its top made using 24-gauge stainless steel. SCSS99 chimney cover attaches to the chimney top using 4 hex head bolts. It stays in place well and withstands strong winds and heavy snowfalls.

HY-C makes all its products in the USA, so you are sure of quality craftsmanship. The SCSS99 chimney cover comes with a limited lifetime warranty and has been available for purchase since 2007. More than 10 years of being crafted and customer feedback have made the SCSS99 chimney cover a very effective and efficient chimney top cover. It easily earns its place among the best chase cover for chimney.

  • This chimney chase cover is easy to install and does not need an expert to do it for you. This saves you money while giving you superior top cover for your chimney.
  • The total weight of this cover for chimney hole is 4.35 pounds while fully assembled. It is light enough for easy lifting to the top of your roof and installation.

Shelter SCADJ-S Black Galvanized Steel Chimney Cap

Shelter SCADJ-S black galvanized steel chimney cap is designed to bolt onto your chimney’s clay flute using C clamps. It cannot be converted to a slip in chimney top cover. Its adjustable cap that fits most common outside chimney flue dimensions makes it one of the best chase cover for chimney. The chase cover comes in a single black color from its powder coat that gives it great protection from the elements.

  • This modern chimney covering is engineered for a single flue with outside mounting that gives excellent airspace for an optimal draft.
  • Shelter SCADJ-S galvanized steel chimney cap has a strong expanded 18-gauge steel mesh to keep out animals from the flue of your chimney.
  • This Shelter metal chimney cover has a 5-year limited warranty that assures you of its quality and long life.

The Forever Cap Single Flue Stainless Steel CCSS1313 Chimney Cap

Forever Cap is a reputed maker of chimney, fireplace and ventilation fittings. The company has an impressive variety of products for covering your chimney. This notable history and experience of the company go a long way in assuring you that the CCSS1313 chimney cap is top in its class.

The Forever Cap single flue stainless steel CCSS1313 chimney cap is for covering a single flue and made using stainless steel. It fits flue sizes ranging from 11×11 all the way to the larger 14×14 masonry clay upper chimney openings.

  • The hood on this chase cover is a wide 20×20 inches to make sure no rainwater or snow enters your chimney.
  • An 8-inch high mesh on the sides of the cover makes sure no animals enter your chimney and obstruct the draft with their nests.

These 3 best chase cover for chimney have different features that make them suitable for homeowners. Here is a simplified outline of their features for your quick and easy comparison.

ProductImageMaterial usedSizes availableAttachment methodAdjustabilityColorWarrantyPrice
Forever Cap CCSS1313Stainless steelSingle size4 boltsNoStainless steel N/AClick to See Price on Amazon
Shelter SCADJ-SGalvanized steel Large, SmallC- clampsYesBlack5-year limited warrantyClick to See Price On Amazon
HY-C SCSS99Stainless steel7 sizes ranging from 9×9 to 18×18 inchesSlotted Hex Head boltsNo Stainless steel, Black, Galvanized Steel Lifetime limited warrantyClick to See Price On Amazon

Buying a chimney chase cover requires you to weigh the features against the price of each cover. These best chase cover for chimney work well with any fuel you use in your fireplace. They are designed to prevent creosote buildup to the maximum while allowing smoke out of the chimney efficiently. Use the information in this article and the simple comparison chart to get the best chase cover for your chimney today.

In need of a chimney chase covers? Check out what else Amazon has to offer below:

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